О предприятии

О предприятии

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The "Severnaya Chern" factory of Veliky Ustyug private company is a unique enterprise of national crafts manship, formed in the town of Veliky Ustyug in the seventeenth century. Over the past, three hundred years, it has been preserving and developing the traditions of the ancient silver blackening craft, unparalleled in the modern jewelry.

All products are made as traditional hand-crafted items, following the basic techniques of the old masters.

The Veliky Ustyug silver blackening prominently features a unique blackened pattern, austere shapes and meticulous finishing, while the "Severnaya Chern" trade mark is considered a seal of the highest quality performance.


The "Severnaya Chern" private company produces about 2000 item types from 925-grade silver: tableware, interior decoration, religious items, jewelry, souvenirs and gifts.
The product quality is confirmed by experts and voluntary certification results.

The "Severnaya Chern" private company products enjoy the official status of "Folk art and craft items of a high artistic value".

The factory has a wealth of practical experience in individual and special orders, corporate gifts and family silverware.


Products by "Severnaya Chern" are featured in prominent Russian state museums and private collections. They were exhibited in New York, London, Milan, Leipzig, Prague and other cities in more than twenty countries around the world, receiving rave reviews everywhere. The company regularly participates in Russian and international exhibitions, winning awards and diplomas.

The "Severnaya Chern" private company is the holder of the "Golden Mercury" prize awarded by the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce, and a repeated holder of the "Industry Leader" diploma awarded by the Russian State Assay Chamber. It is also among the prize takers in the "Hundred Best Goods of Russia" program.
The unique technology and individual crafting allows the silversmiths working at the "Severnaya Chern" factory of Veliky Ustyug to surprise the world with original decorative and applied art pieces again and again – this is why they are considered a Russian national treasure.